Organized by the PAN-PBL Association since 2000, the series PBLxxxx International Conferences is where the world meets to discuss and explore the topics and issues about Problem-based Learning and Active Learning Methodologies that we are passionate about.

After hosting ten bi-annual traditional face-to-face international conferences in seven different countries, with the PBL2019 Immersive Virtual International Conference, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we began to alternate virtual and face-to-face conferences every other year. The PBL2022 Virtual International Conference is our next achievement.

Keeping our tradition of organizing innovative and challenging conferences, where people can share ideas, examine trends, battle assumptions, and do networking, the conference theme “PBL, active learning, and technology: a fad or the future of education?” was chosen. It speaks to the challenges faced worldwide in higher and basic education.

In the background is the promise of many emerging technologies to take students of all levels to a new learning paradigm. Highly demanded with the educational disruption provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic, new learning models, gadgets, and tools are at the center of the debate, and being developed and experienced everywhere. Artificial intelligence, robotics, video platforms, 3D immersive and modeling software, virtual and augmented reality are examples of these new trends.  

Are they “new dress” for the old empiricist paradigm, where students have a passive role in the learning process? Or are they committed to reinventing education through collaborative, and active learning, fostering innovation, social justice, and collective well-being?

We invite researchers, practitioners, and students from all areas of knowledge to engage in critical, academic dialogue to better understand the impact of active learning and technologies in the future of education.



International Advisory Committee (PAN-PBL Executive Board)

Ulisses Araujo (Brazil) – President
Luis Bretel (Peru)
Diana Dolmans (Netherlands)
Renate Fruchter (USA)
Woei Hung (USA)
Anette Kolmos (Denmark)
Paulo Marcondes (Brazil)
Glen O’Grady (Australia)
Mark Serva (USA)
Samson Tan (Singapore)


Organization Committee

Ulisses Araujo
Valeria Arantes
Diana Dolmans
Patrick Duarte
Woei Hung
Cristina Pátaro
Ricardo Pátaro
Thomas Ryberg
Mark Serva 
Samson Tan