We encourage individuals (researchers and practitioners), schools, and institutions to submit proposals in the field of problem-based learning and other active learning methodologies, reflecting or not the conference theme: “PBL, active learning, and technology: a fad or the future of education?”

English is the official language of the conference. But, we encourage submissions also in Spanish and Portuguese. If accepted, some sessions will be organized in Spanish and Portuguese.

Submissions of abstracts are open from January 20th to March 20, 2022.



All submissions must include a long 500-word abstract for reviewing purposes, alongside a shorter 100-word version for the conference program.

General guidelines

  • An international panel of reviewers will review all abstracts anonymously.

  • There is no fee for submitting an abstract.

  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts you may submit. However, an individual may not present more than 4 papers/posters/workshops, and a proposal may not have more than 8 authors.


  • Health and Medicine

  • Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Teaching Education (Higher and Basic)

  • Professional Development

  • Student’s perspective in K-12 or Higher Education classroom experiences

  • Makers and doers


  • Problem-Based Learning

  • Project-, Challenge- or Team-Based Learning

  • Construction of Engaging Problems

  • Hands-on and Learn-by-doing

  • Assessment and evidence-based research

  • Technology Enabled

  • Design

  • Concept Mapping

  • Case study

  • Creative Learning

  • Systemic active learning approach


Panel discussion / Symposia:

Panel Discussions and Symposia are 90-minute sessions presented by 3 to 5 individuals who address a common theme or topic in PBL or other active learning methods. 30 minutes will be reserved for questions and discussion at the end of the session. Proposals may be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Research and experiences Paper presentations:

Paper presentations are reports about research and/or the implementation and application of PBL or other active learning methods. These are 90-minute sessions presented by 3 to 4 individuals. The session will be organized by the scientific committee with the accepted proposals. 30 minutes will be reserved for questions and discussion at the end of the session. Proposals may be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Workshops / Media presentations:

Workshops or Media Presentations are 90-minute small-group interactive sessions that focus on a specific PBL or Active Learning Method intervention or assessment emphasizing the demonstration and application of techniques, skills, etc. These sessions will be immersive, synchronous, and may be organized in a different format, “out-of-the-box”, like as a documentary video, a discussion of media materials or software for use in teaching, a presentation of photographs or other artworks, an immersive augmented reality experience, or any innovative experience you want to share. Proposals may be submitted only in English.


The scientific committee, appointed by the PAN-PBL Executive Board, will review all proposals. Two referees will review each proposal. The Scientific Committee plans to notify corresponding authors of its decisions by April 11, 2022.