The PBL2022 Virtual International Conference is a three-day conference. It is composed of "live" sessions organized respecting the worldwide time zone differences (see the schedule below). It will be hosted on mixed digital platforms, depending on the type of the session: Keynote lectures, Symposia, Research and experience papers, Workshops, and media presentations.

Fostering accessibility and interactions, Zoom, Immersive Terf, Doity Play are examples of the platforms to be used in the different types of sessions. However, our goal is to open for innovative and experimental sessions. In this way, we may incorporate other digital tools, depending on the proposals submitted.

All sessions and follow-on discussions will be video-recorded and made available for registered participants following the Conference.


Lars Andreasen

Aalborg University (Denmark)

Ulisses Araujo

University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Jacob Davidsen

Aalborg University (Denmark)

Diana Dolmans

Maastrich University (Netherlands)

Mauricio Dwek

Ansys (France)

Dan Gilbert

Gilbert + Chittenden (USA)

Julio Fernandez

Universidad Católica (Uruguay)

Eric Hawkinson

Kyoto University (Japan)

Xun Ge

University of Oklahoma (USA)

Woei Hung

University of North Dakota (USA)

Krista Glazewsky

Indiana University (USA)

Niels Lyngdorf

Aalborg University (Denmark)

Miquel Martinez

University of Barcelona (Spain)

Fernando Machado

Universidad Católica (Uruguay)

Rosina Perez

Universidad Católica (Uruguay)

Preman Rajalingam

Nanyang Tech University (Singapore)

Thomas Ryberg

Aalborg University (Denmark)

Marcos Sarasola

Universidad Católica (Uruguay)

Mark Serva

University of Delaware (USA)

Virginie Servant-Miklos

Erasmus University (Netherlands)

Erica Southgate

University of Newcastle (Australia)

Reinhold Steinbeck

University of San Francisco (USA)

Samson Tan

National Inst.of Education (Singapore)

Ron Teitelbaum

Virtend 3D Immersive (USA)